Weight Loss Challenge Update


I haven’t had a chance to post any updates to my weight loss challenge due to the past few weeks being extremely hectic and busy. My weight loss results so far have not been great, but I’m still motivated to reach my goal.

I’ve only actually lost about 2 pounds since I started the weight loss challenge, which really isn’t that impressive, but I actually feel pretty good about and here’s why. I’ve focused my workout routine on a combination of lifting weights and cardio workouts – mainly treadmill workouts. The breakdown of these workouts is about 60% weight training and 40% cardio – in other words, I’m focusing on building muscle rather than just trying to burn off some quick water weight by doing 2 hours of cardio per day.

Since muscle is extremely efficient at burning fat, I feel that weight training is the most effective way to lose weight – the only “downside” is that it takes a bit longer than a strict cardio regiment to show any significant weight loss results. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so although I may be burning fat, I’m also building new muscle which results in a slight increase in body weight. As I increase my muscle mass, I fully expect to lose weight at a more rapid pace in the coming months. I’m in no hurry – this weight loss challenge is more of a lifestyle change rather than a quick “30-day” diet challenge or something where you starve yourself for a month just to lose a quick 10 pounds before you need to fit into a bathing suit!

Good luck in your weight loss journey 🙂

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