Treating Scoliosis with Chiropractic Techniques

(Guest post by Alex Bonari)

Millions of children, teens and adults are diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis each year. It can be a debilitating disease that has been known to cause lung, heart and digestive problems if gone untreated. Years ago, there were basically only two options if diagnosed with scoliosis, to be put into a back brace 23 hours a day, 7 days a week or surgery, which consists of two long metal rods being bolted to the spine, causing a whole new set of difficulties.

Fortunately, there are now alternative methods in treating scoliosis. Chiropractics and specific exercises combined have been proven to straighten and strengthen the spine when done properly and on a regular basis. This process is referred to as spinal derotation and has saved thousands of scoliosis sufferers from a lifetime of pain and surgery.

The process begins with finding a chiropractor that specializes in scoliosis treatment. Once detailed x-rays are taken and reviewed, the doctor can analyze and determine which route of exercises and treatments to use in reversing the rotation of the curve. A sometimes uncomfortable process that can take years or even longer, spinal derotation is an effective way to treat scoliosis without the use of braces or surgeries in which many doctors are now learning can do more damage than help if the rods are to break or the surgery is not done properly. The scoliosis patient must be willing to actually carry out the exercises from home as well as in the office or the treatment will not be as successful, this can be one of the major determining factors when deciding if spinal derotation is right for you.

Most chiropractic visits are covering by insurance carriers, which is another concern since spinal derotation can be a costly procedure. With the right doctor and a little research into coverage, scoliosis sufferers now have an affordable option to treating a disease that was once thought to be incurable.

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