The Super Soft Skin Guide for Guys

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Men are often known for their rugged, manly (sometimes “good”) looks. However, if a man doesn’t take good care of his skin, then it will start to show up. And no man wants his youthful skin to get all leathery with wrinkles. Men who’re into self-grooming and take care of their skin are able to keep their skin youthful and smooth compared to those who don’t.

How to Have Fresh, Healthy Skin

When it comes to having healthy skin, men think it’s complicated, but it’s really not. Here are a few ways to maintain your skin’s health…

1. Use Sun Protection: Prevention is almost always better than the cure. So wearing sunscreen makes sense when you’re trying to keep your skin healthy. Also wear a hat and proper clothing along with it for the extra protection, especially on sunny days — winter months too!

2. Wash Your Face Regularly: Keeping your skin clean is an important part of keeping it fresh and healthy. So make sure you wash your face right after you wake up and right before you head to bed. Use a soap that’s gentle and made specifically for face wash.

3. Moisturize Well: Go for a face moisturizer that is noncomedogenic in nature. Why? Because it doesn’t cause breakouts and doesn’t block your pores. If you are not worried about getting blemishes on your skin, use a regular lotion.

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4. Exfoliate Weekly: Scrub off the dead skin cells at least once a week to make your skin smoother and softer. For your overall body, you can exfoliate every other day and for your face do it twice at the most. Use a face cleanser with exfoliating beads in it, or simply use an exfoliating sponge/loufa. Moisturize after the exfoliation.

5. Eat Right: What you eat plays a major role in helping you create and maintain a healthy skin. Fruits, veggies and lean meats are particularly useful for skin health. You may also want to consider a daily omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil, to promote healthy skin.

6. Drink Lots of Water: Keeping your body hydrated not only helps rejuvenate your skin, but also boosts your overall health. So, aim for the traditional 8 glasses of water each day.

7. Shave Carefully: One of the mistakes that men tend to make when shaving is racing through it and not paying attention to being gentle on their skin. The right way to go about it is to use a good shaving soap, do it carefully and take your time without trying to rush it.


If you don’t want to age quickly, and if you want to maintain your skin’s health, then the tips that we discussed above are great to start with. Even though they look simple, they work.

3 Responses to The Super Soft Skin Guide for Guys
  1. Johnny Lockwood

    I haven’t worried about my skin until just recently. I’m sure it’s because I’m getting older and I’m starting to show my age and I don’t like it. These are great tips and I haven’t been following all of them but I am now. Thanks!

  2. Brian Edwards

    All good points. I’m always surprised at how most men ignore their skin. I use coconut oil topically as a moisturizer and get great results.

  3. Tianna

    You should have also included to stop smoking for those people who smoke. Smoking really ruins the skin after a few years.

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