The Dangers of Eating Fruit to Your Teeth

Guest post by Richard who is a keen upholder of oral health, having spent much of his time working with the dentistry guide. He enjoys writing on health, dentistry and eco living, and hopes you will pay him a visit at @thefreshhealth.

Fruit is a healthy food that is very beneficial to the body. The vitamins and nutrients found in fruits can ward of very harmful diseases and illnesses. Moreover, fruits are very tasty and colorful. However, not many people stop to think about the damaging effects of fruit, though not many. In fact, unless you are allergic, fruit tends to only hurt one part of your body, your teeth.

There are two main ways in which fruit can damage your teeth, but there are smaller reasons as well. Here are three ways fruit can damage your teeth.

Intrinsic sugar

Unlike extrinsic sugar, which is added sugar, intrinsic sugar is found naturally inside some foods. There are mixed opinions about whether or not intrinsic sugar can decay teeth, but many people agree that it does, in fact, speed up the decaying process.

When eating food with sugar, it is best to eat it all at once. Sugar clings to teeth in a feeding frenzy that lasts for about 20 minutes. If you take your time eating certain sugary foods, you will only extend the length of time that the sugar sits on your teeth.


Almost all fruits have acid that erodes the enamel on the teeth. The acid from fruits break down the molecular bonds that keeps the enamel strong. If you eat a lot of acidic foods, you should invest in toothpaste that rebuilds the enamel. Allowing your enamel to be compromised will cause future dental problems.

Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating acidic foods. It will only worsen the effects it has on your teeth. Experts say to wait an hour after eating acidic foods to brush your teeth. To lessen the effects of acid, you should eat and drink cheese and milk, or other foods and liquids like them.

Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth is a bad habit; unfortunately, fruits can also cause you to grind your teeth. Certain fruits have a texture that can subconsciously cause a person to grind their teeth. Soft foods like bananas are easy to chew, and some people forget that they do not need a lot of pressure to chew bananas. As a result, they may bite down too hard, causing them to grind their teeth.


Fruits are some of the healthiest foods you can eat, but you still need to be aware of the side effects they can cause. Enjoy your fruits, and take care of your teeth before and after you eat them.

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