vitamin d

What Daily Vitamins or Supplements Should I Be Taking?


What are the recommended vitamins or supplements that you should be taking on a daily basis? It’s a question that many people don’t know the answer to, so I decided that I’d do a little research to figure it out. What I found was really what I expected to find. It all boils down to keeping it simple – in other words, you don’t need to pop 20 different supplements a day to stay healthy. As a matter of fact, that can be extremely unhealthy! Read More…

FDA Approves New Ointment for Treating Psoriasis

A new psoriasis treatment has been approved by the FDA called Vectical. The ointment contains calcitriol, which is the active form of vitamin D3 – the only vitamin that is actually manufactured by our bodies through exposure to sunlight. This new psoriasis treatment is used to treat mild cases of the skin disease, and it has been approved for adults 18 and older. Read More…

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