Sleeping Disorders

Need Help Falling Asleep? – 16 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping is a common problem in the U.S., and it’s getting worse as we speak. In fact, insomnia – a sleep disorder that is characterized by a difficulty falling asleep – affects approximately 1 in 8 people ( in the United States. While there are many different reasons why you’re having trouble falling asleep – such as stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, untreated sleep apnea, etc. – there are various foods that you can try as sort of a natural sleep aid. There are also foods you should avoid before bed, because they will help you stay awake. Many of these foods are obvious, such as coffee, soda, or other caffeine-packed drinks, but some aren’t so obvious. Warm milk, for example, actually makes it more difficult to fall asleep due to it’s protein/fat content – so what you learned growing up was all wrong!
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The Food You Eat and How it Affects Your Sleep

The most common sleep disorders that people experience range from occasional sleepless nights to situations of ongoing insomnia. Changing your diet is one method that healthcare professionals recommend as a way of dealing with sleeping disorders, because the foods that people eat directly reflects on how well they sleep. The idea of indulging in a late night meal or snack may sound normal and harmless, but it can unfortunately result in an adverse effect on the normal sleeping habit. It is hence imperative that some foods should be eliminated from the regular diet while adding certain diets that aid in peaceful sleep.
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15 Ways to get a Good Nights Sleep

Flickr: Malias

Flickr: Malias

There’s nothing better than getting a good nights sleep, but for many Americans, that’s easier said than done. According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 40 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder, and 40% of Americans report feeling tired and fatigued throughout their day due to lack of sleep. Fatigue contributes to over 100,000 police-reported highway crashed each year in the U.S., which includes 1,500 deaths. So needless to say, getting a good nights sleep is vitally important to our health, and it’s often overlooked as more and more people get less sleep each night due to their busy lives. Here are some simple tips that will help reverse this trend and allow you to sleep better through the night. Read More…

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