Beer the Next Miracle Drink?…Not Quite, but it Does Have Some Positive Health Effects

Beer it does a body good
OK, so beer is far from being some sort of miracle drink with countless positive health effects, but at least it does have some. We all know about the negative effects of alcoholism – liver disease, increased risk of cancer, not to mention drunk driving accidents and such. But many people have never heard about the positive effects of drinking beer in moderation. Read More…

Coffee Does More Than Just Stunt Your Growth and Put Hair On Your Chest!!


Coffee is a tasty treat for millions of people around the world, and there’s plenty of people that will tell you that coffee is bad for you – but I’m here to tell you that coffee is good for…at least in moderation. So I’ve compiled a list of positive effects that coffee has on your body so that you can feel better about having your morning cup ‘o joe. Read More…

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