healthy living challenge

Weight Loss…I mean “Healthy Living Challenge” update

With 2010 now a few weeks old, I thought that I’d post a quick update on my healthier living challenge. Yes, I have modified the goal of this challenge a bit from exclusively a “weight loss challenge” to more of an overall “living a healthy life challenge”.

I feel that there’s more to living a healthy life that simply losing weight. In fact, it’s never a good idea to focus solely on weight loss, because the scale can be very deceiving. For instance, when you start an intensive weight training program, you’ll find that your body may actually gain weight for the first few weeks rather than lose any. This is due to your body building lean muscle mass, which is heavier than fat. The reality is, however, that overtime, this lean muscle mass will not only make your body look tighter and more defined, but it will start to melt away the surrounding fat more efficiently than ever.

So I’m doing away with the “weight loss challenge” and will instead post updates and tips on how I’m progressing in my “healthy living challenge”. This would include different healthy foods I’ve tried or integrated into my diet, healthy drinks worth mentioning, exercise tips, weight training, tips on how to live healthier even when you live a busy lifestyle (don’t we all!) and other related topics. Let’s make 2010 the healthiest year ever!

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