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General Practitioner, Specialist or Self-Doctor?…What’s Best for Both Your Health and Wallet?

This topic can be debated until the end of time and every person can decide for him or herself which is the best choice. When most people get sick, they will either see a doctor or self-treat until they either get better or a lot worse. So, Which way is best?
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Clubfoot – the most common birth defect of the lower limb

For most people the birth of their child is an exciting, joyful event. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Sometimes something goes wrong. Clubfoot (Talipes) is a birth defect which affects the foot (in some cases both feet). It’s not all bad news though, because medical research over the past several years has shed light on new clubfoot treatments that can help eliminate, or at least minimize, this somewhat common birth defect.
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