Sleep Apnea Affects More Than Just Sleep if Left Untreated

(Reuters) A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine of Australia suggests that people with untreated sleep apnea may be at a much higher risk for being involved in a traffic accident due to the effects of being drowsy behind the wheel. The research consisted of 38 sleep apnea sufferers and 20 healthy individuals who took part in several driving tests under various conditions. It’s estimated that 1 out of every 15 Americans suffers from sleep apnea, which is a disorder that causes you to have trouble sleeping, and so these new findings are rather alarming and should be taken seriously. Read More…

15 Ways to get a Good Nights Sleep

Flickr: Malias

Flickr: Malias

There’s nothing better than getting a good nights sleep, but for many Americans, that’s easier said than done. According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 40 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder, and 40% of Americans report feeling tired and fatigued throughout their day due to lack of sleep. Fatigue contributes to over 100,000 police-reported highway crashed each year in the U.S., which includes 1,500 deaths. So needless to say, getting a good nights sleep is vitally important to our health, and it’s often overlooked as more and more people get less sleep each night due to their busy lives. Here are some simple tips that will help reverse this trend and allow you to sleep better through the night. Read More…

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