Stand instead of Sit: Adds Years to Life [Infographic]

couch potato illustration
Did you know the average person sits down for more hours per day than they sleep? It’s pretty crazy to realize how inactive we actually are as a society. It’s not necessarily our fault; much of the blame can be put on technology. The majority of today’s jobs include eight-hours-a-day of sitting at a desk, whereas most jobs were far more active in the good ‘ol days before computers.

This infographic really sheds some light on the problem. You may be surprised about how long you actually sit throughout the day, and just how this negatively affects your health. It may even take years off your life. Moral of the story?…Get up and move every hour or so to keep your blood flowing and metabolism going.
Sitting is Killing You

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  1. Amy

    Gosh that’s depressing! A large amount of my time is spent sitting down for work, but I do try to get up and take regular breaks when I can. Interesting to know that even exercise can’t reverse the damage sitting down causes.

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