Prosthetic Limbs and Wheelchair Technology Explained [Videos]

prosthetic limb-sprinting
You may have seen Oscar Pistorius run the 400m dash at the 2012 London Olympic Games this summer. Think you don’t know him? Well, he’s known as the “fastest man on no legs.” That’s right, Pistorius is a double amputee who ran against some of the fastest men in the world in London using two prosthetic legs. It really brought the world of prosthetic limb technology to the forefront of society, and today’s technology is pretty remarkable.

Ottobock HealthCare, a manufacturer of prosthetic limbs and other mobile technology, recently released a couple of informative videos highlighting some of the newest technology out there in terms of wheelchairs and artificial limbs. It discusses how certain wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs are designed for everyday use while others are ideal for athletic use, such as wheelchair basketball and sprinting. Check out the videos below and share ’em to help spread the word.

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