Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle

With so many protein powders on the market, it can be tough to determine which powder is the best choice when it comes to building muscles. The fact is that all types of protein powders can help you build muscle when taken as directed by the manufacturer; however, one type of protein powder may be a better choice compared to the rest. Whey protein is superior to other sources of protein in terms of absorption ability, amino acid profile and cost.

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Milk Proteins Rock!

As you may already know, milk is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, particularly protein. There are two main proteins found in milk: whey and casein. Whey is about 20 percent of the total protein found in milk while casein makes up the other 80 percent. Both proteins can be isolated from milk and processed into powder form. Casein and whey protein supplements are absorbed more efficiently by the body compared to milk, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to build and maintain lean muscle mass.


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10 Unconvential Uses of Olive Oil

Everyone is aware that olive oil can be used as a food dressing and as a healthy cooking oil, but few are aware of some of the other miraculous uses and benefits that this nutrient packed oil has. This article will reveal ten uses of olive oil that you perhaps weren’t previously aware of. Read More…

What’s that Cup Of Coffee Really Doing for You?

(Guest Post)
Coffee is something that many of us enjoy from time to time. Some of us more than others. The effects of coffee can be considered one of natures greatest gifts. Gives us a boost of energy, a new-found alertness, and the motivation to get up and get going. Some of us simply like coffee to enjoy the taste, and warmth. So what’s in that cup of coffee that makes us feel that way? Many of us think there is no way there could be a health benefit, and some believe that coffee affects your health in a negative way. Read More…

Exposing the Dangers and Benefits of Fat Burners

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are a weight loss supplement that helps to increase thermogenesis, a process of burning fat by turning it into heat. Not only do weight loss supplements help burn fat, but they also may suppress appetite. Taking fat burners may also boost energy levels while helping to increase focus and concentration.

Since the tragic death of pitcher and Baltimore Orioles prospect Steve Bechler, fat burners have been perceived with a negative connotation. While fat burners can be dangerous when abused, they can benefit weight loss when used properly in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Let’s look past the myth surrounding fat burners to empower you to make an informed decision regarding its use. Read More…

What are Antioxidants, and How can They Benefit You?

(Guest post by Darlene Mills — Thanks Darlene!)
How do Antioxidants Work?

A lot of antioxidants are being offered in the market, all of which boast of making your health and lifestyle better. But for starters, what exactly are antioxidants? These are substances and nutrients found in the food we eat which can prevent or at least slow down oxidative damage to our bodies. More precisely, they inhibit the process of oxidation in our bodies. This produces free radicals which can then start chain reactions – when these occur in a cell, it can cause damage and even death. What antioxidants do is to stop these chain reactions by getting rid of free radical intermediates and inhibiting other oxidation reactions. In a nutshell (and in less complicated terms), these antioxidants act as ‘free radical scavengers’ which exterminate these free radicals and prevent any damage caused by them.


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Washroom Hygiene: 10 Important Facts

(Guest posting by Arron B. — Thanks Arron!)
The dirtiest surface in any washroom isn’t necessarily the the toilet. Hands are most responsible for spreading germs in any environment, and even more so in washrooms. This important fact must be kept in mind when it comes to washroom cleanliness. Here are ten useful tips to consider when it comes to staying sanitary in the bathroom…


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Ideal Shakes for Weight Loss: Whey Protein Shakes

Of the many protein and meal replacement shakes on the market, one type seems to be superior over the rest in terms of weight loss. Whey protein shakes have been shown to help improve body composition and promote weight loss, according to the McKinley Healthy Center of the University of Illinois. It’s important to point out that consistent exercise and a healthy diet are also essential factors in losing weight; there’s no such thing as a miracle weight-loss shake.


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6 Foods that will Keep Your Skin Healthy

If you’re constantly stressing out about the maintenance of your skin, one of the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy is to closely monitor your diet. Sometimes our skin can look a lot more dry and tired than it actually is, especially if you drink a lot of caffeine or if you like to eat dried or salty foods. Whether you’re hoping to change your diet to lose some weight, or if you’re sick and tired of spending money on expensive products just to keep your skin looking healthy, here are six foods that will help give your skin a healthy glow…

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Ectomorph Weight Gain Program – 3 Things I Did

Guest post by Jean Lam who has a passion for body building and exercising. During his spare time, he enjoys writing on health and fitness as well as sharing tips on this common question which is how can i lose weight.

Some people have a hard time gaining weight, notably ectomorphs. Ectomorphs in particular are very thin and due to their nature, no matter what they try to do, they can’t seem to get any bigger. More often than not, ectomorphs aren’t doing the right things to grow bigger. The truth is these people can definitely add weight to their thin body frames provided they adhere to certain rules. I still remember when I was a teenager…I was so skinny that sometimes I received negative remarks. This was kind of blessing in disguise because it encourages me to get bigger and allow me to discover that I have a passion for exercising and nutrition. Muscle building exercises and proper nutrition are what made me grow bigger. Here is what I did as part of the ectomorph weight gain program.


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