Lose Weight – Eat Foods That Make You Feel Full!


Losing weight is a never-ending battle for some people, but if you really think about it, it’s a pretty simple process. The key is to eat foods that make you feel full instead of eating foods that make you feel hungry an hour or two later – pretty easy huh. Here are some simple tips to help you eat smarter.

  • Eat foods that make you feel full
  • Eat fiber rich foods
  • Avoid sugary snacks and high carbohydrate foods!

I make it sound simple, but of course it’s not that easy in reality. We’re all tempted by snacks filled with sugar and carbohydrates everyday at work and at home. That being said, it is possible to slowly start changing your eating habits so that you start working healthy foods into your diet little by little.

How Sugar-Filled Foods and High-Carb Foods are Related

It’s important to understand how sugar-filled treats – such as soda, cake, candy, and other vending machine “delights” – are all related to foods such as white bread, regular pastas, and rice. When we eat these sugar-filled, high-carb foods, our bodies turn it into sugar (glucose) which is then stored as the dreaded fat that we all work so hard to avoid.

Curb Your Appetite and Avoid Sugar and Carbs at the Same Time

It’s possible to make yourself feel more “full” at mealtime by introducing more protein into your diet with a steady diet of lean meats, such as chicken and fish, along with an occasional steak or two. Also important is to eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables and whole wheat breads, pastas, and rice. Protein, fiber, and fat are digested slowly by your body and thus your body feels more full. Eating carbs, even if it’s a large quantity, makes you hungry within a couple of hours, whereas high-protein foods will leave you full and satisfied until your next meal.

Hopefully these tips will help you to control your next midnight twinkie craving.

4 Responses to Lose Weight – Eat Foods That Make You Feel Full!
  1. Christina Crowe

    That food looks delicious!

    I agree with you. It’s better to eat food that makes you full than food that will just make you hungry after an hour or two. Doing so will keep you satisfied, and you won’t have to get up in a few hours to make an additional meal, ultimately saving you time to do other things.

    Great read! Look forward to seeing some more.

  2. Protein Shakes

    Found your blog while browsing Google. Bookmarked. Looking forward to more nutrition tips.

  3. Diane Haller

    Just finished three days on a very old version of the Cleveland Clinic Diet. Heard there is several versions, could you send me the versions of this diet

  4. Jude Griffiths

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