Kicking Off the Weight Loss Challenge!

weight loss challenge
If you haven’t already noticed, I added a new page to Promote Health called “Weight Loss Challenge”. I have my weight loss tracking graph posted there as well as in the sidebar to the right – you can click the small weight loss graph to get to the Weight Loss Challenge page.

The start of this challenge is exciting for me, and I hope I can inspire others along the way!…or at least get people to laugh at me for failing miserably (lol)!

Anyway…As promised, here are my vital stats to start:

  • 28 years old
  • 5-foot 9-inches tall
  • 190 pounds
  • BMI (body mass index) = 28.03 (considered “overweight”)

My goal is get down to 175 pounds within about 3 months, although I don’t necessarily have a time limit on this challenge. I will use no diet pills, weight lifting powders, or other diet “helpers” during this challenge. I don’t believe in most of these products, and besides, most of them don’t work anyway. My weight loss regiment will consist of eating healthy foods, adjusting my portion control, and exercise – including both weight lifting and running.

I will try to post at least 2-3 times per week to update my progress, but you can check back anytime for up-to-date weight loss results on my weight loss graph.

Wish me luck!

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