Is Your Job Making You Fat?

It may sound crazy, but there is some truth to the idea that your job can in fact make you sick, cause you to gain weight, and even increase your odds of having a heart attack. People who work long hours staring at a computer all day (I’m in trouble!) are at an increased risk of adverse health effects. Obviously, you can’t just quit your job in an effort to avoid work-related illness, but knowing the most common causes can help you in treating and/or avoiding them in the first place. Read the infographic below to learn some interesting and alarming facts about health problems caused by working a 9-to-5.

Work Is Murder

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  1. Wellness professor

    I agree with you on this. Even if the effect of being seated the entire day may not cause weight gain to all, many will end up with swollen ankles, carpel tunnel syndrome, backaches, brain fog and other problems that may trigger heart ailments in the long-run.

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