How to Use Social Media to Improve Dieting Success

Losing weight is difficult. Choosing which diet to follow amongst the hundreds of different diet programs is only the first step; sticking to the diet will deliver results. This second step, however, is much more difficult to complete. Luckily, social media platforms, fitness websites and smartphone apps designed to help us lose weight are becoming increasingly popular, making it easier than ever before to slim down. This article will explain how social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can help you lose weight while detailing two websites and smartphone apps that can help assist you in your weight loss efforts.

Facebook & Twitter

Two of the most important helping factors when it comes to successful weight loss are accountability and support. 

Accountability is created when your goals are stated to others who will hold you responsible for your results (or lack thereof). Instead of keeping your dieting goals to yourself, tell your friends and family: tell them how much weight you’re aiming to lose and when you’re hoping to lose it by. 

By making your weight loss goals public, you will start to build accountability because you won’t want to fail in front of those you care about most; accountability drives you to do better in front of your peers.

Support is gained whenever your friends and family are supportive of your weight loss endeavours. Simply by having the support of others, your self-confidence will increase and your weight loss results will improve. 

Websites like Facebook and Twitter that make it easy to keep in contact with friends and family can be used to quickly build accountability and support. 

Post your weight loss goal on your Facebook page and your Twitter feed and ask your friends and family to help you achieve it. Ask them to support you in your endeavours and to pass on encouragement whenever possible. Even consider posting progress pictures; this will drastically increase your accountability while also allowing you to garner a great deal of support from people who will cheer on your successes.

Fitness websites and smartphone apps

A number of websites and smartphone apps that aim to make it easier to lose weight have been launched in recent years. Two of the best and most popular include.


Fitocracy, found at and on most major smartphone app stores, turns fitness and exercise into a game by creating custom made exercise plans and encouraging you to complete them by using a ‘video game-esque’ levelling system that makes it easy to track progress. 

As you exercise, you gain ‘exercise experience points’ which help to increase your ‘fitness level’ in the Fitocracy app. As a result, exercise becomes more fun; it becomes a game. Instead of being a chore, it becomes a joyous activity with purpose.

Fitocracy also has a number of social features that can help to aid with exercising, too. Teams can be formed amongst friends and challenges can be made to see who can perform the best when exercising. Exercise results can also be shared easily to social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

My Fitness Pal

One of the main reasons why people fail with their weight loss efforts is that they tend to underestimate the amount of calories eaten throughout the day. Calorie counter apps and calorie counter websites can help to solve this problem.

My Fitness Pal, found at and on most major smartphone app stores, is one of the most popular and user friendly calorie trackers around. Using My Fitness Pal, you can input what food you have eaten and it will automatically calculate how many calories you have eaten throughout the day. By analyzing this data, you can find out if you are eating either too much, too little or just the right amount of food for weight loss.

My Fitness Pal also has a number of social features such as friend lists and teams that allow for collaborative weight loss. Team members and friends can check in on each other’s progress while providing advice, encouragement and support to help with weight loss.


Technology and social media has made it easier than ever before to receive support and build accountability while trying to lose weight. By taking advantage of social websites such as Facebook and Twitter and the myriad of smartphone apps and fitness websites available, your weight loss efforts will be strengthened and you will greatly increase your chances of accomplishing your weight loss goal.

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