Health foods – Should I Be Feeding them to my children?

More and more parents know what the inside of a health food store looks like. They know that Soya, wheat, seeds and other health foods are good for you. But can you give these so called “health foods” to your children as well? Furthermore, can you raise a vegetarian child? Yes you can with certain exceptions and precautions. A child that doesn’t get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, along with a good amount of protein for healthy growth, is considered malnourished which is extremely unhealthy to a child’s development and possibly deadly. So if you plan to raise a child vegetarian, do your research first!!

health-foods-and-childrenIn general a child can eat the same things as his/her parents. When it comes to health though, most people think with their hearts. They can get carried away with an idea, they see apple vinegar or grape seed extract as the natural answer to all health problems. Parents should keep the balance. Erase the words “never” and “always” from your vocabulary. Don’t say “never” when it comes to sweets. You should allow exceptions. When your child is invited to a birthday party, let him eat what he or she wants.

Children develop their own food preferences. Even if you want to raise your child as a vegetarian, he may develop a strong need for animal products. Unless your choice of raising your child as a vegetarian is a moral decision, you will need to be flexible to your child’s needs.

Your definition of health food will depend on your own views. Do you only see it as eating more fruits and vegetables, or eating more raw fruits and vegetables? Do you use products free of color and preservatives, or must they also be free of gluten, sugar, animal fats and high fructose corn syrup.

Be careful if you decide on your own that you or your child is allergic to certain food groups such as dairy or maize. It’s a long, difficult process to determine if you or your child is allergic to a food group, it involves a purification process in which you gradually add food to your diet. It is very difficult to put a young child through this process as he/she does not understand hunger yet.

Overall, I believe it’s a great idea to teach healthy eating habits to your children early, but don’t go overboard with it. It’s ok to let kids have a little candy or ice cream now and then, but it’s important to instill healthy eating habits right from the start so that your children know what’s good for them.

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