Get Rid of Moles and Warts

Moles are skin irregularities that can be very unsightly, and most people choose to have them removed. Some people are born with moles, as it is very common for skin moles to run in the family genes. You can also acquire moles through exposure to the sun. Some moles can be cancerous, so it is important to have them removed, or at least check out by a doctor. You can get them surgically removed, but it is expensive and can leave scars. There are natural alternatives to this procedure that can be extremely effective.

Warts are caused by a virus from the papillomavirus family. They can be passed from person to person through contact, and can grow on any part of the body. Warts will go away on their own, but this could take months or years. Because of this, most people choose to have them removed. One way of removal is by using liquid nitrogen procedure to basically freeze the mole off. I recommend having your doctor do this procedure, because it can be very dangerous. There are some downfalls to this method including, it can get pretty expensive and sometimes you will need multiple treatments to get rid of the wart.

A very inexpensive method you can try if you are strapped for cash is the duct tape method. Often times this method does not work, but it’s worth a try if you can’t afford any other method. What you do is place a piece of duct tape on the wart for one week. Take the tape off and rub the wart gently with an emery board or something else rough. Leave tape off the wart overnight. Then just repeat these steps again until the wart is gone. If the wart does not go away after a few weeks, you should try a different method.


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    Warts , moles and other skin tags are quite embarrassing but they can be removed even at home.

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