General Practitioner, Specialist or Self-Doctor?…What’s Best for Both Your Health and Wallet?

This topic can be debated until the end of time and every person can decide for him or herself which is the best choice. When most people get sick, they will either see a doctor or self-treat until they either get better or a lot worse. So, Which way is best?

In most cases if it is an adult with cold symptoms, they will decide for themselves if they want to see a doctor or if they want to get some over the counter medicine and treat it themselves. Luckily, most people will get over the minor cold and flu’s either way. It is debatable which way will go faster. Many people believe that they can cure themselves either by natural medicines or over the counter medicines just as well as by antibiotics prescribed by a physician. The most important factor to keep in mind is the overall health of the person feeling ill. Does the person have other health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc? If the person does, it would be best to seek medical help from a professional.

For children it is a bit more complicated. Do not take chances with a child’s health, if the child is feeling ill, has a fever, is lethargic or has any other symptoms, get him to a doctor. The general practitioner will refer the child to a specialist if necessary. This is especially true in a child with an already compromised immune system, if flu symptoms are ignored or not given sufficient attention it can very easily turn into something more ominous like pneumonia.

A big factor which influences many people is money. Doctors and especially specialists are very expensive. In the current economic crisis, money is the biggest obstacle when seeking medical attention. Make sure to consider generic medicines, they are just as good as the original, but usually a lot cheaper.

So which is better: General practitioner, specialist or acting as your own “doctor”? I can’t answer that question for you, but it’s important for you – especially if you have kids – to answer that question for yourself in order to get the most cost-effective and safest treatments possible for your particular health situation.

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