FDA: Psoriasis Drug Raptiva May Cause Deadly Brain Disease!

Raptiva may cause PML

The FDA warns that the Psoriasis drug Raptiva may play a part in the development of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), which is an often fatal brain disease that usually causes death within months of being diagnosed.

There have already been 3 cases of PML caused by Raptiva, although the drug hasn’t been pulled by the FDA as of yet. In Europe it’s a different story, as they have recommended people who use Raptiva to control their Psoriasis should stop using it immediately.

Raptiva is a weekly injection that works to supress T-cells – cells used by your immune system to fight infections and are the cause of psoriasis and inflammation in the skin. Since it supresses these infection-fighting T-cells, the drug leaves you body susceptible to disease, and that leads us back to the recent problem with PML cases.

If you currently take weekly Raptiva injections, Doctor’s are recommending that you don’t immediately stop treatment, but rather see your Doctor asap to figure out other drug alternatives.

For more information check out CNN’s coverage.

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