FDA Committee Endorses the Weight Loss Drug Qnexa

An FDA advisory committee voted to move forward in approving a new weight loss drug called Qnexa. The final approval will not take place until later this year. This is an extremely rare occasion, considering the FDA hardly ever puts its seal of approval on weight loss pills and only one such drug currently remains available, Xenical. The last weight loss drug to be approved by the FDA was way back in 1999, Meridia, which was subsequently pulled due to various side effects experienced by users. The makers of Qnexa claim the drug is safe and offers minimal side effects.

With about two-thirds of the U.S. falling into the overweight or obese categories, weight loss is certainly a topic that needs to be addressed. The problem is that diet and exercise alone don’t seem to work in every case. Qnexa is designed to supplement your weight loss regimen by helping you eat less and feel fuller between meals.

A clinical study consisting of 4,323 people showed that participants who took Qnexa lost an average of 10 percent of their total bodyweight after the first year of treatment. The study also showed that Qnexa may help improve high blood pressure in some people.

However, as with any good thing, there are usually risks involved. The primary risks associated with Qnexa include possible heart risks, particularly increased heart rate, and possible child birth defects if taken by women who are pregnant. So, people with cardiovascular problems, and women who may be pregnant, may want to stay away from this drug or use it with great caution.

The advantage of taking prescription weight loss meds, rather than over-the-counter weight loss pills, is the fact these medications are closely monitored by health professionals and rules/stipulations are put in place to ensure your safety (i.e., periodic visits with your doctor to monitor safety/effectiveness of the drug). Also, your health insurance will most likely cover it, minus a co-pay if applicable.

Prime candidates for Qnexa will most likely be people who are severely obese or are overweight with weight-loss-related complications (i.e., diabetes). Talk to your doctor to determine if Qnexa is right for you.

Source: Shari Roan of the L.A. Times

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