FDA Approves New Ointment for Treating Psoriasis

A new psoriasis treatment has been approved by the FDA called Vectical. The ointment contains calcitriol, which is the active form of vitamin D3 – the only vitamin that is actually manufactured by our bodies through exposure to sunlight. This new psoriasis treatment is used to treat mild cases of the skin disease, and it has been approved for adults 18 and older.

Studies have shown that Vectical works more effectively than other topical psoriasis ointments currently on the market. An 8-week study concluded that out of 800 psoriasis patients, 1/3rd of them saw their skin clear up or symptoms subside greatly, compared to about only 1/5th of patients who took other psoriasis topical treatments.

The only known side effect at this point is possible changes in the way your body uses calcium, so patients with calcium deficiencies or other calcium-related disorders are warned to be cautious when using Vectical. Doctors also warn to be careful if taking vitamin D or calcium supplements because of possibility of “over dosing” on the two. And what do we always say at Promote Health??…Moderation is the key!

It’s worth pointing out that Vectical is by no means a cure for psoriasis – and there is no known cure for that matter – but it is an effective tool at controlling the chronic skin disease. Undoubtedly, more testing will be conducted on this new ointment, so I would suggest using it with caution since it hasn’t yet proven that there are no long-term side effects, and it has not yet been tested on pregnant or nursing women.

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  1. Palmer Martorell

    I doubt that it’s related, but I have always had great success with tea tree oil when treating this. Your mileage may vary though.

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