Fattening Foods vs. Weight Loss Foods [Graph]

berries vs french fries
A long term study published in the New England Journal of Medicine provides further evidence that it’s not just how much food you eat that causes weight gain but what you eat as well. Maybe the most important finding is that certain foods tend to cause weight gain more than others, while some foods actually promote weight loss.

We’ve discussed these topics here at PH before, so really these findings are nothing new or groundbreaking. However, this study was very long term and consisted of nearly 121,000 people, so it’s safe to say that the findings are pretty reliable. The study began in 1986 and completed in 2006.

What I found to be the most useful bit of information coming from this study was the easy-to-read bar graph accompanying the published article. It clearly shows which foods tend to cause weight gain and which promote weight loss. It’s a useful tool for getting your diet on the right track. See how your current diet fairs by comparing it to the graph below.

NHS: Nurses’ Health Study
HPFS: Health Professionals Follow-up Study

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