Effective New Treatment for Insomnia


A recent study by researchers at Laval University in Quebec, Canada has shown a promising new treatment for people suffering from insomnia (aka insomniacs). Insomnia is a very common sleeping disorder that effects about 1 out of 3 people in the United States. This new treatment could provide much needed relief to those who suffer from insomnia, which could finally mean a good nights sleep for insomniacs (Finally!!!).

The study consisted of 160 adults who had been diagnosed with chronic insomnia. The insomnia treatment they tested was actually quite simply – and it seemed to work! Instead of giving the patients just medications to help them get to sleep, the researchers gave each patient Ambien – a popular prescription sleep aid – along with talk therapy. Researchers found that the Ambien combined with talk therapy helped 60% of the patients to falls asleep quicker and stay asleep longer than patients who only took the Ambien.

Apparently the talk therapy consisted of the insomnia patients talking to a therapist about their sleeping disorder much like a “regular” therapy session for other types of patients. In a way it makes sense that talk therapy would help insomniacs. The patient can get everything off their chest each day so that their mind’s aren’t spinning wildly with thoughts just before bedtime, which is a common problem for insomniacs and others who suffer from a sleeping disorder.

Of course, there are other alternative treatments for people suffering from a sleeping disorder. Check out this link for a boat-load of sleeping tips if you’ve been having trouble sleeping.


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  1. Healthy Green Wave

    I had a very bad problem with my sleep, i can’t slepp except if i feel that i’m really-2 tired. It comes to Insomnia now, i guess. I’m sure it’s not a healthy habits. But i can’t avoid it.

  2. B . WHITLEY

    Wow, this article really brings me back. Reminds me of the ,um lets just say, {younger|earlier} days and the {problems|troubles} some in the family had. Not to worry though at this age any memory is a good memory I’m told

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