Easily Cut 500 Calories per day for Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out process. In fact, you can lose a 1/2 lb. of body fat per week by simply cutting 500 calories from your diet. You can do this much faster and easier than you think. How does 13 lbs. within 6 months sound? All by making one small change to your diet.

Consider the fact that 3,500 calories is equivalent to burning 1 lb. of body fat. The CDC (CDC.gov) recommends losing weight at a maximum of 2 lbs. per week. This is in order for your body to properly adjust to the changes. So, 1/2 lb. per week is a safe and conservative goal for weight loss.

Here’s how you do it….

Simply cut back on foods and drinks containing added sugar. Sugar is high in calories and low in nutritional value, so these are calories your body doesn’t need. A 20 oz. Coca-Cola, for example, contains about 250 sugar calories. Eliminating your daily soda will have you halfway toward your goal of 500 calories a day. Sugar snacks, such as candy or snack cakes, can easily contain 200 to 300 calories per package, even the small food items. Read the nutritional labels!

Follow this simple rule to cut 500 calories per day on your way to dropping a 1/2 lb. of body fat per week. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?!

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  1. Sherri Poehler

    Im still learning from you, as Im trying to achieve my goals. I definitely enjoy reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

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