Do Hot Dogs Kill You?…Maybe

A new study conducted by Harvard University School of Public Health reminds us that eating too much red meat increases death caused by heart disease and cancer by up to 21 percent. This isn’t necessarily new information, but the study does offer some good, accurate results worth taking a look at…

The large scale study consisted of 37,698 men and 83,644 who were given questionnaires to fill out every four years to assess their health. The results showed that those who increased intake of unprocessed red meats (i.e., steak), had an 18 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease and 10 percent increase of cancer death.

However, the results showed that if you indulge in one extra serving of processed red meat (i.e., hot dog) per day, your chances of dying from heart disease or cancer rose by 21 and 16 percent, respectively. So, you can see a clear difference between eating unprocessed and processed meats.

Participants who substituted other sources of protein, like fish or chicken, in place of a daily serving of red meat actually lowered their risk of heart disease and cancer, according to the study.

These results emphasize the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and limiting intake of red meat to less than a serving per day. According to Bloomberg News, more than 75 percent of the estimated $2.6 billion cost of health care each year is spent on treating chronic disease like heart disease and cancer. Eating healthier could significantly reduce this cost.

The Harvard study does have its limitations, points out Betsy Booren of the American Meat Institute Foundation. She stresses the fact that the study relied upon the participants self-reporting their dietary habits, so there’s a margin of error involved. Nevertheless, numerous health organizations support the fact that eating less red meat is the right choice for those at risk of heart disease.

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  1. wizard

    that is why you must always select the hotdog that is not red in color if you cant help eating hotdog once in a while. the redness is caused by sodium nitrate

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