Common Types of Injuries in the Workplace

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Employees are constantly at risk of becoming injured, especially in high risk job fields. No matter what type of job you might have, there are several common types of injuries that you should be particularly weary about.

Generally, being aware of your surroundings and following safety protocols will help reduce the risk of injuries. However, this isn’t always 100 percent effective. Injuries can be sudden and happen even if you don’t put yourself in the position to be injured. If you are ever injured at work and its not your own fault, it is recommended that you consult a good lawyer who can help you devise a strategy for your accidental claims. It’s advisable to go with no win no fee claims from First4lawyers as they are highly experienced and have a great reputation in the market.

Head Injuries
These are most commonly associated with falling items at the job site. Any job could present this risk, from construction to office jobs. If an object is heavy or falls from a high up, it can cause a very severe injury. Most people are not going to continuously observe what is above them, but doing so can help reduce the risk of being injured by a falling object.

Burns and Skin Irritation
This can range from chemical burns to heat burns; and can occur at many different industrial or factory related jobs. Chemicals can be incredibly dangerous, as some can eat away skin tissue at an alarming speed. Suffering from any type of serious burn can put an individual in utter agony. If you work in a high risk environment and suffer extensive injuries from this type of scenario, you should see if your injuries qualify for legal action.

Repetitive Injuries
When an employee is in charge of tasks that involve a constant or repetitive motion, they can develop repetitive motion injuries. Employees should be able to change up their routines frequently to avoid these types of injuries. However, many employers neglect to offer this variety in the work day, which can result in severe and even permanent injuries for the employee.

Broken Bones
Bones can be broken in a million different ways, from falling to improper operation of machinery. This injury type takes a long time to heal, so employees should be fully aware of their working environment and the dangers it holds, while also practicing particular safety protocols. In the event that you break a bone on the job, even if you are following all of the rules and safety guidelines, you should consult one of the personal injury lawyers in your city to determine what legal actions you are able to take regarding your injuries.

Carpal Tunnel
This is a common injury of the wrists. It usually occurs with overuse of computers, making it a common injury with those who work in data entry jobs. This injury develops over time, rather than being an injury that occurs as the direct result of a blow to the body. Unfortunately, this injury does not tend to go away once it occurs. It can affect an individual for the rest of his or her life. Special ergonomic items such as keyboards, mice, and mouse pads should be used to delay the onset of computer related injuries.

The key takeaway is to always be aware of safety hazards in the workplace. Keeping an eye out for potential risks at works can help significantly reduce the chance of injuries and accidents.

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