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5 Online Places to Get Weight Loss Support and Track Your Progress

Studies have shown that tracking your daily nutritional intake can double your weight loss. With results like that, it may be a good idea to give it a try. Luckily, there are many places online where you cannot only track what you eat but how much you work out and connect with others who are also trying to live healthier for support and guidance.


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Adults Fear Diabetes, Yet They Do Nothing to Prevent It?!?

In today’s society where diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases around – mostly due to being overweight or obese – most adults admit to fearing the potentially deadly disease but more often than not, they go on to say that they do nothing to prevent getting the disease in the first place! These findings were recently reported by the American Diabetes Association who commissioned a survey in February and March of this year, which consisted of 2,516 U.S. residents at least 18 years old.overweight_biker at risk of diabetes Read More…

10 Hot Fitness and Health Tips to Get You in Shape for 2009

fitness tips to help get in shape

This article is written by Kat Sanders, who regularly blogs on the topic of phlebotomy technician training at her blog Health Zone Blog. She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: [email protected]

Fitness is important, especially in this day and age when obesity is the norm and not the exception. Your fitness routine must not be a roller coaster ride that has its ups and downs but a train that rides on to its destination – good health. You may be exercising all right, but if you’re going about it the wrong way, then all your efforts could come to naught. In order to get the most out of your diet and exercise routine, make sure you don’t ignore these top fitness and health tips: Read More…

Cure for Diabetes?…Medical Experts Not So Sure Yet

obesity linked to type 2 diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that effects far too many people in the U.S., and that number is growing year after year. Today it’s estimated that about 18 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, namely type 2 diabetes, but even more alarming is that 58 million more Americans are considered prediabetic and are in great danger of developing diabetes in the future – it’s truly an epidemic! Read More…

Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Tips

Boost your metabolism

People are always looking for ways that they can boost their metabolism…why you ask? Well, if you raise your metabolism, your body can burn fat more efficiently. Metabolism has to do with how efficiently your body burns fuel (food), and it’s related to various enzymes and hormones in your body and how they work together, yada yada yada. So how can you boost your metabolism so that you can burn off some of that excess fat? Here’s some tips that I’ve compiled… Read More…

Top 10 Healthy Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

healhty drinks
When it comes to weight loss, substituting healthy drinks for those sugary sodas and energy drinks can have a drastic effect on your weight loss goals. Most people don’t realize how many calories they take in each day from drinks alone. For instance, a caffe mocha with all the fixings can pack in over 500 calories! So as you can see, switching to healthier drinks and ditching the “junk drinks” will greatly reduce your daily caloric intake and in return start shredding those unwanted pounds. Check out this list of the top 10 healthy drinks that can help you reach your weight loss goals… Read More…

Excessive Belly Fat in Men is a Serious Health Concern

Beer belly tattoo

Excessive belly fat, aka: “beer belly”, is one of the most common health problems as men get older. Women can also suffer from having excessive belly fat, although it’s far more common in men – just look around you!…It’s a serious problem! Belly fat can lead to serious health problems, so it’s important to address the issue asap. Read More…

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