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Weight Loss…I mean “Healthy Living Challenge” update

With 2010 now a few weeks old, I thought that I’d post a quick update on my healthier living challenge. Yes, I have modified the goal of this challenge a bit from exclusively a “weight loss challenge” to more of an overall “living a healthy life challenge”.

I feel that there’s more to living a healthy life that simply losing weight. In fact, it’s never a good idea to focus solely on weight loss, because the scale can be very deceiving. For instance, when you start an intensive weight training program, you’ll find that your body may actually gain weight for the first few weeks rather than lose any. This is due to your body building lean muscle mass, which is heavier than fat. The reality is, however, that overtime, this lean muscle mass will not only make your body look tighter and more defined, but it will start to melt away the surrounding fat more efficiently than ever.

So I’m doing away with the “weight loss challenge” and will instead post updates and tips on how I’m progressing in my “healthy living challenge”. This would include different healthy foods I’ve tried or integrated into my diet, healthy drinks worth mentioning, exercise tips, weight training, tips on how to live healthier even when you live a busy lifestyle (don’t we all!) and other related topics. Let’s make 2010 the healthiest year ever!

Weight Loss Challenge Update: November 18, 2009

It’s been a rough couple of months in regards to my weight loss challenge progression – most of which I contribute to events happening in my life lately (thankfully no bad ones!) that have gotten me a bit off track fitness-wise. At this point, I’m pretty much back to where I originally started in terms of weight, although I know that my overall fitness levels are higher than when I first started this challenge earlier this year. It’s easy to get off track, but it’s all a matter of getting back my focus.
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Weight Loss Challenge Update

weight loss goalsIt’s been quite some time since my last weight loss update, so here it is. Not much has changed in terms of my weight according to the scale, but I can certainly see changes in the way my clothes are fitting, and overall I feel lighter. In other words, I have made definite progress in achieving my overall health goals, so I’m happy with that.

My eating habits have “ok” lately. I eat healthy foods, but I also sneak in a snack here and there (i.e., ice cream or cookie), but I think it’s important to treat yourself now and then. The main thing that I’m currently working on is portion control. I’m slowly reducing my meal portion size, and it’s going well so far. Read More…

Weight Loss Challenge Update

weight loss funny
It’s been awhile since I posted an update to the progress of my weight loss challenge. The reason for this is because I don’t have much progress to update! My weight loss has fluctuated a bit due to a lack of exercise the past couple months, but I’m slowly getting back on track. Read More…

Weight Loss Challenge Update


I haven’t had a chance to post any updates to my weight loss challenge due to the past few weeks being extremely hectic and busy. My weight loss results so far have not been great, but I’m still motivated to reach my goal. Read More…

Weight Loss Challenge Update

Things are going well with my weight loss challenge. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but it’s only been about a week, so it’s no big deal. More importantly, I’ve gotten into a groove with my workouts and with my healthier diet.

So far this week, I lifted weights on Monday for about 45 minutes, and I worked out on the treadmill for about 30 minutes today which was a nice cardio workout. I plan to do a little weightlifting again on Wednesday and more cardio training Thursday and Friday. I hope to see some weight loss results by the start of next week. I’m aiming for about a 2-3 pound loss at that point.

Hope everyone’s workout regiment is going well! Feel free to chime in if you have any questions or need a little kick in the you-know-what to get motivated. I’ll have another update later in the week.

Till then…Happy training!

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1

Rounding out the first week – actually half a week – of my Weight Loss Challenge, I ended right back where I started at 190 pounds. That’s to be expected though, so I’m not too worried about the lack of progress – it’s only been a couple of days and it takes time to “get in the groove”.

I lifted weights on Wednesday and ran on the treadmill Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Overall, it was a good start. I’m still slowly adjusting my diet, so it’s not such a drastic change. I’m eating more salads, chicken, beef, cheese, eggs, and other high protein foods. Avoiding soda (with the exception of diet soda), sugary snacks, and excessive breads and cereals (that’s the hardest part).

I hope to lose about 3 pounds by the end of next week. Keep checking my Weight Loss Challenge graph periodically for updates on my progress. I’ll try and update the graph everyday.

Have a great weekend, and good luck with your health and fitness goals!

Kicking Off the Weight Loss Challenge!

weight loss challenge
If you haven’t already noticed, I added a new page to Promote Health called “Weight Loss Challenge”. I have my weight loss tracking graph posted there as well as in the sidebar to the right – you can click the small weight loss graph to get to the Weight Loss Challenge page.

The start of this challenge is exciting for me, and I hope I can inspire others along the way!…or at least get people to laugh at me for failing miserably (lol)!

Anyway…As promised, here are my vital stats to start:

  • 28 years old
  • 5-foot 9-inches tall
  • 190 pounds
  • BMI (body mass index) = 28.03 (considered “overweight”)

My goal is get down to 175 pounds within about 3 months, although I don’t necessarily have a time limit on this challenge. I will use no diet pills, weight lifting powders, or other diet “helpers” during this challenge. I don’t believe in most of these products, and besides, most of them don’t work anyway. My weight loss regiment will consist of eating healthy foods, adjusting my portion control, and exercise – including both weight lifting and running.

I will try to post at least 2-3 times per week to update my progress, but you can check back anytime for up-to-date weight loss results on my weight loss graph.

Wish me luck!

Follow Me on My Weight Loss Challenge!

Being that I blog about health on a daily basis, I come across hundreds of great posts by bloggers trying to help people lose weight. There’s so much information out there about losing weight, but accomplishing weight loss goals seems to be impossible for some people. I think the biggest reason for this “failure” is the lack of motivation. So, I’ve decided to try to motivate people by tracking my own weight loss goals and posting the results here at the blog. Read More…

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