Walgreen’s to Offer Free Health Care to Unemployed Workers


Drugstore Walgreens is offering free health care at its in-store Take Care clinics to unemployed workers and their families who no longer have health care coverage as a result of the job loss. This massive undertaking to offer free care to jobless workers will be offered at all of Walgreen’s 341 Take Care clinics located in 35 markets around the U.S. Walgreen’s is calling their free health care initiative the “Take Care Recovery Plan”. Read More…

Weight Loss Challenge Getting Tougher!

This week has been a struggle trying to maintain my weight loss progress. At this point, I’m only down 1 pound from the start of the challenge, and it’s been so busy this week that I have not made time to workout.

This is a very common problem that most people encounter when trying to get in shape – you have to make time to workout, or at least do something active for 30-60 minutes a day. I’ve been active this week, running around like a madman getting things done, but I haven’t hit the gym or treadmill as hard as I should have.

Tomorrow, I have to get back in the groove and try to drop a couple of pounds before the end of the week. As soon as you feel yourself starting to get lazy, you gotta hit it harder than ever! (the gym that is).

It’s The Start of a New Year…Time for New Year’s Resolutions

New Years 2009 in Sydney, Australia

As 2008 slowly fades away and 2009 is finally here, most of us gather up whatever motivation (or lack there of) we can muster up and set out to accomplish our New Year’s resolutions – but we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Most of us make ’em, but few of us actually follow through and complete our New Year’s goals. Whether it be to get in better shape, lose weight, get a better job, or just live a better life, accomplishing these resolutions aren’t that easy. Read More…

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