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How to Maintain Energy Levels throughout the Workday

low energy at work

Image source: Flickr via Magnus’ photostream

It’s one of the most frustrating problems people face during the week – trying to maintain high energy levels throughout the busy workday. There are various ways to help keep energy up during the day and we’ll touch on several of the most effective and scientifically proven methods. Read More…

Hyperventilation Syndrome and Panic Attacks

sheldon hyperventilates

Image courtesy of “Big Bang Theory”

Panic attacks are an unusual mental health disorder. They’re called anxiety disorders, because those that experience panic attacks often either have anxiety issues or experience a significant amount of anxiety during the attack. Yet for most people that suffer from panic attacks, the experience is largely physical. Many of the symptoms are very real, and mimic symptoms of heart problems. Read More…

More Promising Research about the Benefits of Interval Training

There’s no doubt that exercise can be quite time consuming, which the reason many people avoid doing it altogether. However, we’ve discussed specific ways to exercise here at Promote Health that can cut your exercise time in half while providing the same, if not better, health benefit. This method is called high intensity interval training, or HIIT, and several clinical and university studies have proven its effectiveness in the past. A new study further proves HIIT is a time efficient and effective way to exercise. Read More…

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