Biggest Cigarette Tax Increase in U.S. History

I noticed today that the government is set to pass the largest single tax increase on tobacco products in U.S. history! If there was ever a reason to quit smoking – aside from the fact that it slowly kills you – now is the time to kick the habit before this new tax eats away at your wallet. reports that the new tax on cigarettes will increase the price per pack by an additional $0.62, bringing the total tax on a pack of cigarettes to $1.01. Similarly, other tax increases will be seen on other tobacco products as well (i.e., chewing tobacco, cigars, etc…).

If the huge price increase on cigarettes isn’t enough to motivate you to quit smoking, you may be “helped along” by the recent trend within the past 5-10 years happening across the U.S. where entire cities are outlawing smoking from bars and restaurants (i.e., New York City and Los Angeles). Pretty soon, there isn’t going to be anywhere you can legally smoke!

Although the number of smokers in the U.S. is gradually decreasing, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s not happening fast enough. They say that 443,000 people die prematurely as a result of smoking each year, which costs the U.S. economy about $193 billion annually in health care costs and lost time at work.

So has there ever been a better time to quit smoking?…Probably not. Due to the fact that our economy is in a recession, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that many smokers will not be able to afford this new tax increase on tobacco products. Make this your opportunity to quit smoking once and for all!

If you have quit smoking, please post your success stories below to help motivate others to do the same. Thanks!

7 Responses to Biggest Cigarette Tax Increase in U.S. History
  1. willy

    i don’t know why i can’t stop smoke

  2. Dan Redding

    Willy, I quit smoking using a Crown7 Electric cigarette. You should check these things out! they actually work and dont contain all the bad stuff that regular smokes do.

  3. jake

    i need to quit im going broke buying the damn things

  4. hello

    oh wow, u smoke well done

  5. hello

    oh wow

  6. hello

    oh ok just stop

  7. pishdad

    willy you can stop that, just you must change yoyr life without smoking this is your way

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