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How to Shed Fat and Build Muscle [Infographic]

The team at put together an awesome infographic showing tips on how to burn fat and tone up your body. It can sometimes be frustrating trying to get in shape, but the tips in this infographic should help get you on the right track. All the fitness tips were taken from Reddit’s fitness community, call sign: Fittit. Thanks to the guys and gals at Greatist for putting together such a helpful guide! Read More…

5 Diet Mistakes Body Builders Should Avoid

Protein Shakes a must-have for bodybuilding
As a body builder, you probably want your muscles to grow at a rate that will make you happy, while also keeping your body fat ratio on the lower end of the scale. Thankfully, there are many guides out there that can help you to give yourself a nutritious diet that will help your body in every way possible. For those who are trying to brush up on a few basics of body building, these dietary mistakes will give you a good idea of what you shouldn’t do while growing and training. Read More…

Hyperventilation Syndrome and Panic Attacks

sheldon hyperventilates

Image courtesy of “Big Bang Theory”

Panic attacks are an unusual mental health disorder. They’re called anxiety disorders, because those that experience panic attacks often either have anxiety issues or experience a significant amount of anxiety during the attack. Yet for most people that suffer from panic attacks, the experience is largely physical. Many of the symptoms are very real, and mimic symptoms of heart problems. Read More…

Prosthetic Limbs and Wheelchair Technology Explained [Videos]

prosthetic limb-sprinting
You may have seen Oscar Pistorius run the 400m dash at the 2012 London Olympic Games this summer. Think you don’t know him? Well, he’s known as the “fastest man on no legs.” That’s right, Pistorius is a double amputee who ran against some of the fastest men in the world in London using two prosthetic legs. It really brought the world of prosthetic limb technology to the forefront of society, and today’s technology is pretty remarkable. Read More…

Stand instead of Sit: Adds Years to Life [Infographic]

couch potato illustration
Did you know the average person sits down for more hours per day than they sleep? It’s pretty crazy to realize how inactive we actually are as a society. It’s not necessarily our fault; much of the blame can be put on technology. The majority of today’s jobs include eight-hours-a-day of sitting at a desk, whereas most jobs were far more active in the good ‘ol days before computers. Read More…

Dieting by Making Permanent Lifestyle Changes

fattening foods
In the developed world, many of the problems we have with excess weight, and its associated health problems, stem from poor eating habits and lack of exercise. We eat too fast and rely too much on very tasty, but non-nutritive, fast and pre-prepared foods.  We spend too much time behind computers or in front of the television set. We relax and entertain too often with alcoholic beverages and high calorie snack foods. Read More…

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