6 Oily Skin Acne Home Remedies

Guest post by Jean Lam who operates an acne website where you can discover more natural remedies about how to get rid of acne for a healthy and glowing skin.

Oily skin is one of the major downsides people with acne issues face. Oily skin is usually the outcome of hormone imbalance. Some of the reasons why your hormones get disrupted include stress and changes in the sex glands during puberty. When your hormones are disturbed, your skin oil glands also known as the sebaceous glands produce more oil than usual. Excess sebum is nefarious for the skin as it will clog your pores and the likelihood of triggering acne increases. Oily skin can also cause blackheads and rashes.

For some people, getting rid of oily skin isn’t a cakewalk but nevertheless, there are a few oily skin acne home remedies that you can use on a regular basis to keep your face clean and fresh.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a powerful medicinal plant used to heal many types of skin ailments and it’s no different for oily skin and acne. Aloe vera contains curing phytogenic compounds and 23 polypeptides and is rich in botanical ingredients for skin care therapy. Some people have used aloe vera gel with great results. It’s an effective cleanser.


Toothpaste has worked wonders for some people as it can help in eliminating excess sebum and drying up your acne. Dab toothpaste on the affected area and leave it overnight. Wash your face the next morning and repeat this procedure till you experience a dampening effect on your acne.

Face Wash

Using a good face wash is another way to weather oily skin and acne. Since the oil glands release a lot of oil every minute, your face is flooded with oily acne. You need to wash your face 2-3 times a day and ensure that it’s oil-free. Buy a good moisturizing face wash that keeps your skin clean. Face wash can simply be hypoallergenic soaps or foam skin cleansers. Some recommended face wash are those which include ingredients like green tea and witch hazel. Witch hazel for instance has been proven to get rid of excess sebum while improving the elasticity of your skin and tightening the pores. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and will clean your pores from oil and impurities as well as protecting your skin from free radicals.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a savior for people suffering from oily skin and acne. Lime has the property of clearing pores and allowing the skin to breathe. Use a mixture of lemon juice and warm water and apply it on your face everyday. Wash after 30 minutes and pat the entire face dry.


Drinking a lot of water is one of the best oily skin acne home remedies. Water flushes out toxins and impurities from your body and if you don’t know, acne has a lot to do with toxins in your blood. People who drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday increase their chances in eliminating oily skin and acne. Begin your day with a glass of water and end it with the same. It really works and will give you a radiant skin. I’ve noticed that I can make my acne shrink simply by drinking loads of water. It’s pretty amazing.

Fruits and Vegetables

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and develop good eating habits for a healthy skin that is free of oily acne. Incorporate a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as they are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. These are beneficial for your skin as they can eradicate toxins from your body. These foods also help your body heal quickly from other skin ailments as well.

Follow some of these oily skin acne home remedies regularly and you are bound to see results. If the oily skin is severe and spreads to the neck and back, then it’s time to consult a dermatologist who would be right person to treat it. As a general rule of thumb, never mess up with your acne like squeezing and plucking. Leave them as they are and let them heal by themselves.

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    Great Post! I never knew some of these remedies until now. Thanks a lot of helping me and some other people having skin problems. =)

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