5 Ways to Stay Fit Indoors this Winter

A chilly stroll through the park. Source: Flickr, via: Peiyu Liu

When the cold weather forces you inside, it can become all too easy to slow your routine and gain back all those pounds you shed over the summer. Since running around the block becomes a hassle, exercise, as we know it ceases to exist, but it shouldn’t! Keep your mind and body in shape year round with these motivating ideas!

Engage Technology

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The modern world has made indoor activity entirely too convenient. Game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox Kinnect allow you to stand up and play your game entirely through your own motion. With hundreds of sports and popular games such as Just Dance, you might find yourself stuck inside even after the weather breaks. If game systems aren’t quite for you, search your Smartphone for a featured “Get Fit” app and see what it has to offer. The technology behind this is wonderfully convenient, customizable, and includes countless ways to get fit and stay warm.

Fitness Classes

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Staying indoors does not necessarily mean staying at home. Go to your local gym and take advantage of everything they have to offer within their heated walls. Try a martial arts class for something new, or join yoga or Pilate’s class to slow down while toning up. Even taking a dip in the pool will get all of those muscles working—just be sure to dry your hair before leaving! Most gyms consist of even the most basic weight rooms with simple weights and a few machines, ready to help you get into an exercise routine.

Solo Activity

treadmill exercise

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Not up for a crowded gym? A treadmill, elliptical, or other machine can prove to be well worth the cost in the end. Imagine the convenience of working out in your own home, while watching TV or the children play. You could even engage the kids in some jump rope action to get in quality time and your heart rate up. Consider trying one of the thousands of home workout DVD’s in stores, as the content matters very little as long as it serves the purpose of getting you going. Click here to see what professionals suggest using.


woman meditating

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Experts say that stress reduction on a daily basis can help weight loss over time. Yoga is a great way to combine physical activity with meditation, as long as your mind is able to focus on the meditation part, too. Mostly, don’t dread your indoor workout! That puts a negative vibe on a routine that should be fun. If you aren’t looking forward to it, you’re more likely to find excuses to not do it.

Have Fun

having fun vacuuming

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When the temperature drops and forces you inside, make the most of it. When you stay mentally positive, it is much easier to get yourself motivated. Try blasting some music and dancing while you clean the house. Every time you go upstairs, run instead of walk. Find ways to move more, not less. If all else fails, jog in place long enough to research engaging winter sports—and learn to enjoy the cold!

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  1. Louie -Live healthy

    All of these are great suggestions. Its great to add some variety in your fitness regime, and some of these look like great fun too. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

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