5 Diet Mistakes Body Builders Should Avoid

Protein Shakes a must-have for bodybuilding
As a body builder, you probably want your muscles to grow at a rate that will make you happy, while also keeping your body fat ratio on the lower end of the scale. Thankfully, there are many guides out there that can help you to give yourself a nutritious diet that will help your body in every way possible. For those who are trying to brush up on a few basics of body building, these dietary mistakes will give you a good idea of what you shouldn’t do while growing and training.

Slacking On Protein Intake

A high intake of protein is required to build desirable muscle mass. Protein shakes are generally the best way to go, and can be found at predatornutrition.com. These shakes provide nearly all the protein you would need, but it is advised to seek protein from vegetable and lean meat sources as well. For those who do use protein shakes, they need to be used about an hour before weight training exercise to gain the best results.

Unnecessary Fat and Sugar

eliminate fats and sugars
For anyone who is health conscious about their diet, it is a no brainer that you should leave out excessive sugar and fat from your meals. A little of both is important, but more than enough can spell disaster for those that are trying to achieve a fit and toned body. Instead, avoid sugary carbonated drinkers and snack cakes; you will be happy you did when your body slims up and shows definition.

Not Enough Water

Water is necessary for nearly every bodily function. Without it, the body becomes fragile and weak, cells wither, and the mind suffers. By keeping a healthy intake of water throughout the day and during workouts, your body will fare much better during high intensity exercise. Try to keep a bottle of water with you at all times, that way you can reach for it when thirst hits.

Not Eating Enough

Not Eating Enough-bodybuilding
If you are trying to build muscle tissue, it is obvious that you will need to ingest plenty of food to produce it. A lot of beginner body builders seem to think that eating less is the best way to go, so that they do not pack on unwanted fat. However, your body will need this extra energy. Starving your body results in the storing of nutrients rather than metabolizing them, and this will only increase your body fat. If you cannot seem to eat enough, try using appetite stimulators. Since testosterone has been believed to stimulate appetite and also boosts muscular production, testosterone booster supplements from drivensports.com could be the answer to a low appetite and low muscle growth.

Failure to Record Diet

It is important to keep a continuous log of what you eat, so that you know what nutrients you are getting and when. If you fail to take in the right nutrients, your body will not perform as well as it could. These diet diaries can help you to pinpoint any lack in particular nutrients so that you can take the correct supplements or eat food that is rich in that particular nutrient.

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