3 Electrifying Fitness Motivators that Can Turn You towards Indoor Cycling

benefits of indoor cycling

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People looking to beat their sedentary lifestyle are often under the impression that staying active means to exercise in a gym all day, every day. However, this belief is only partially true. Although staying active certainly means to exercise, it does not mean exercising in the gym only. You can exercise anywhere – a brisk walk, climbing the stairs, and indoor cycling. The focus is always on movements – just make your body move!

There are times when going to a gym or going outdoors for exercise is not possible; for example, when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. If you wait around for the weather to cooperate, it is certainly not good for your health. This is the main reason exercising indoors makes sense. And believe it or not; indoor cycling is the best fitness exercises for those who want to stay fit! Want a justification for this? Okay, here are three electrifying fitness motivators that show why indoor cycling is such a beneficial way to exercise.

Stress Reliever

Relieving day-to-day stress is a great motivator for you stay active. In today’s day and age, everyone faces high levels of stress at some point in time whether it be from work, kids or relationships. Stress tends to impact our body and mind in a negative way, in the sense that it leads to obesity, severe headaches, heart disease, and disruption of normal liver and kidney function. Therefore, it is vital to combat stress.

Did you know that indoor cycling is an ideal way to keep stress at bay? Yes! An early morning and/or late night ride on your indoor bike can help jumpstart your day or help relieve the stress at the end of a long day.

Aim to Lose Weight

Obesity is now one of the critical health issues around the world. After becoming familiar with the horrifying effects of obesity and of being overweight, people of all ages, need to address the problem now. When it comes to losing weight, indoor cycling certainly promotes weight loss. A 45 minute ride on an indoor bike can easily burn 400-600 calories, and even more as you increase the intensity of the workout.

It’s a perfect exercise for kids and teens as well. It’s a fun activity they can do no matter what the weather is like outside. For adults , cycling indoors is ideal for anyone with a busy work schedule who may not have time to go to a gym every day. The elderly benefit due to low-impact nature of the workout. So, indoor cycling is an all around great choice for people of all ages.

What’s more is that such a workout tones the hamstrings, quads, and glutes in the best possible way along with the core muscles. Cycling can also help you maintain a good posture.

Desire to Strengthen Heart

Cycling is a superior cardiovascular exercise, so use this fact to motivate you to get moving. Cycling not only strengthens the heart but also reduces the resting heart rate. It can help lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL). Lastly, cycling is great for reducing blood pressure as part of a healthy die low in sodium (salt). Happy cycling!

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