10 Unconvential Uses of Olive Oil

Everyone is aware that olive oil can be used as a food dressing and as a healthy cooking oil, but few are aware of some of the other miraculous uses and benefits that this nutrient packed oil has. This article will reveal ten uses of olive oil that you perhaps weren’t previously aware of.

1. Olive oil has been identified to have huge benefits for a number of skin conditions. If you suffer with dry skin then rub a teaspoon of olive oil daily to the affected area. This is particularly effective after a shower, shave or wax. The olive oil will rehydrate and soften the skin.

2. Olive oil can also be used as a gentle exfoliator. Rub a little of the oil on your face, scrub with sugar and rinse away. This will help to unclog pores by rubbing away dead skin cells.

3. There are a number of treatments which involve using olive oil for hair. Importantly, massaging warmed olive oil onto the scalp can help to promote new hair growth. Olive oil contains unique properties that enable it to remove the natural oily build up produced by the glands. An excess of this oil inhibits new growth.

4. Another positive effect olive oil has for the hair is that it can help reduce dandruff. Dandruff is more common in the winter as the cold weather dries out the skin. Apply olive oil to the scalp to rehydrate. The fatty acids help to restore moisture and protect from the harsh winter elements.

5. Olive oil has a number more benefits for the hair – in fact it’s probably one of the best oils for hair, but the last one we’ll mention in this Top 10 article is for frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is often caused due to a lack of natural oils. As already mentioned, olive oil is a fantastic source of omega fatty acids which can be applied to the hair to rehydrate and straighten.

6. Olive oil is also one of the most effective natural oils for stretch marks. Packed with vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil helps to soften the skin and relax stretch marks.

7. Can you believe that olive oil also helps to prevent yours – of your partners – snoring? Drink a teaspoon of olive oil prior to bedtime (or force it down your partners’ throat) to lubricate. This is not a definitive snoring solution, but it might help a little.

8. Similarly, drinking just a few drops of olive oil can remove a tickle from the throat which is causing you to cough.

9. Remove cracked lips by mixing olive oil with melted beeswax and a few drops of jojoba, argan or castor oil. Apply to lips for a natural and beautifully scented lip balm.

10. Finally, you can also use olive oil to eradicate unwanted ear wax. Warmed olive oil softens and loosens ear wax allowing for easy extraction. Consider purchasing some olive oil ear drops for a more effective ear wax removal strategy.

Olive oil is one of natures’ true wonders. Pick up a bottle or two and consider using it not only for cooking and dressing, but also for the array of other health benefits this underrated little oil has.

Author Bio:
Daisy Raybould has a passion for solving health problems the way nature intended. She, along with a number of fellow natural health enthusiasts, share their tips, secrets and recipes designed to help you obtain perfect health using the power of nature’s wonders at her natural health blog.

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  1. Zara

    Amazing! I just know olive oil can remove unwanted ear wax. I really thought olive oil is just for skin problems. It really do wonders to any health problems. Thanks for the post! =)

  2. Angie Hopkins

    I have always known that olive oil can soothe the throat especially when someone is coughing. I have used it on several occasions and it works like magic. One thing that I would want to try with my husband is the snoring part. I don’t know the best approach to use yet but I hope I will convince him to give it a try.

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